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Free QR Code Readers

If your mobile phone does not already have QR code reader software installed, downloading a free QR code reader is quick and easy

Best For iPhone: i-nigma

Go to the App store on your iPhone and search for: i-nigma. There is a free App available for all iPhone models.

Click The App Store Icon Below To The App Store:

Best For Blackberry: QR Code Scanner Pro

Go to the Blackberry App World on your phone and search for: QR Code Scanner Pro

or click The Blackberry App World Icon:

Best For Android: QRdvark

Visit the Android Market from your phone and search for: qrdvark

or Click The Android Market Icon Below:

All other phones:

Between them,  i-nigma and neoreader have free QR code readers for most makes and model of mobile phone. If you visit the web addresses below on your mobile phone they will automatically detect your device and offer you the correct reader to download.

To search for an i-nigma reader, enter the following address in your mobile browser:

To search for neoreader, enter the following address in your mobile browser: