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Product Features


The Complete Mobile Marketing Solution

Our system is the complete mobile marketing solution for realtors. With over 5.3 billion mobile phone subscribers worldwide can you really afford not to have a mobile platform for your listings?

Easy To Use Admin System. The system is incredibly easy to use. Simply enter the property details, add your images, include the Google map link if you would like to use this feature, press “upload” and you are done. The listing is now live on your mobile website.

Full Support. With hosting of your mobile website on our servers included in the price, you need not worry about the technical side of your mobile website. We are on hand to offer you full support and help you in any way we can.

Custom Mobile Website

Our system provides a ready made mobile website which we will customise for you. Simply enter the property details through the admin panel and it is instantly live on the mobile site!

Mobile Website. The system provides your agency with a mobile website for your property listings. Visitors to your website from a mobile device will automatically be redirected to your new mobile website for the optimum browsing experience.

“1-click or tap” Call & Email Buttons. The mobile website allows your potential clients to call or email you with just “1-click or tap” on their mobile. If they are sending you an email about a particular property, the reference number will be automatically included in the email subject line.

QR Codes – 21st Century Marketing

Our system not only provides you with an easy to update mobile website, it also generates a QR code for each property. Take your marketing to the next level and use these in your adverts and much more…

Instant QR Code Generation. As soon as you enter a new property into the system and upload it to the server it is not only live instantly but a QR code is generated automatically for that listing. You can use this QR code on your yard signs and print advertising.

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